Tea and a Movie began as a blog to discuss tea and films, however the pretence of discussing these two elements in an equal manner has since faded. It is a film and television blog that looks specifically at the collective unconscious of film and television, and the way similar ideas, themes and images regularly re-emerge on our screens. This is not an accusation of stealing, or the limited imagination of the industry. Instead, I prefer to think of films as a melting pot and that ideas commonly get reused, deliberately or accidentally, or done so to pay homage to previous films.

I will post a large piece around once a week, or provide greater detail into piece I have written elsewhere.

This wordpress site is a compendium to the tumblr site. www.teaandamovie.tumblr.com updates daily with a new comparison of film and television images. The wordpress site is an opportunity to expand on these ideas, providing more context and research to some of these posts. It will also feature other work related to film and television.
You can also follow me on twitter @MrRTJL, and letterboxd http://www.letterboxd.com/mrrtjl.


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